FRA Drug and Alcohol Testing Rules

Update To New FRA Rules Expanding Drug & Alcohol Testing

FRA Drug and Alcohol Testing RulesThere has been an update to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT) Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) rules expanding drug and alcohol testing. The new rules aim to better protect railroad employees working on or near railroad tracks. One rule amends the existing Roadway Worker Protection Regulation, while the second rule, Control of Alcohol and Drug Use, amends the FRA’s current drug and  alcohol testing regulations expands the requirements to now cover maintenance of way (MOW) employees. You can read more in our previous blog post about these two rules. Below, you will find the most current update to these rules.

New Update To New FRA Rules Expanding Drug & Alcohol Testing

The FRA has developed model compliance plans to assist railroads and their regulated service contractors in complying with Part 219 requirements, with updates of Part 219 regulatory requirements and the addition to random drug and alcohol testing of Maintenance of Way Workers, as defined by the definition of “Roadway Worker” in Part 214.7, which become effective June 12, 2017.

For further information regarding the development of a FRA DOT Compliance Policy or to enroll in our DOT Random Drug and Alcohol Testing Consortium, please contact us or call 800-221-4291.

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