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On Site Drug Testing 101

Onsite Mobile Drug Testing



In this week’s Service Spotlight we are highlighting one of our most coveted offerings at American Drug Testing- On Site Drug Testing! We get a ton of emails inquiring about what exactly this service entails and we are breaking it down step by step. If you have any questions on any other services we offer please don’t hesitate to send any to info@americandrugtesting.com.


The Term “On Site”

If you have several employees you would like to drug test on a given day due to reasonable suspicion, it can be difficult to request them to go in for a drug at your nearest testing center location, especially if your nearest location happens to be far or you would like to conduct the testing randomly. With On Site Testing a Drug Testing Specialist from American Drug Testing comes to YOU and conducts drug testing in your place of work. (This is, often times, why On Site drug testing is referred to as Job Site drug testing.) Anywhere in the United States of America, our On Site Coordinator will travel and conduct urine, hair or saliva testing on your employees.

On Site drug testing can be more cost effective if the employer is testing 10 employees or more, we can offer competitive rates and have a specialist in your city in just a matter of days with the appropriate planning. This service has come to set us apart from the rest of the industry and has brought many of our clients’ trust and success in their business because they know they are operating as a Drug-Free Workplace.

And if your company operates under DOT, our specialists are certified in any and all DOT drug testing services such as Pre Employment testing, Return to Duty testing and Random testing for drugs and alcohol. We cover and are experts at all testing required by DOT including the branches of FMCSA, FAA, FTA, PHMSA, FRA, and USCG.

But for non-DOT regulated employees we offer a full range of testing as well including 5, 10, 12-panel screenings and can often create unique screenings for your company depending on need.

Post-Accident Testing

If you need a drug test after an accident has occurred on the job or after hours, American Drug Testing can travel to a hospital/emergency room or roadside to perform a drug or alcohol test required by workers compensation insurance or a company’s drug-free workplace policy.

Call us today to schedule your next On Site Drug Testing at (800) 488-5350 or just shoot us an email at info@americandrugtesting.com. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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