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Operation Faux Pharmacy-US DEA Targets 26 Pharmacies In Attack Against Illicit Opioid Trafficking

On December 6th, 2017, The Drug Enforcement Administration of the LA field division announced Operation Faux Pharmacy.

Operation Faux pharmacy is a new initiative created to target pharmacies of which are said to be involved in suspicious activity.

This operation is currently running throughout southern California, Hawaii, and Nevada. The DEA has found throughout the last year, 26 pharmacies in these areas have operated against the laws of legitimate medicine. Operation Faux Pharmacy

Opioid abuse has man a devastating impact on the United States. Many agree that a large part of this epidemic comes from the over-prescription of painkillers and other potent pharmaceutical drugs. In the United States, 11.8 million Americans misuse prescription opioids each year. Misusing prescription medication is just as dangerous as using any other illegal drug. Just because a drug comes from a doctor or pharmacy, does not make it safe to use- especially when not taking the proper or prescribed dosage. Even when taking the prescribed dosage of painkillers, many substance abusers have been quoted saying that is when their addiction started. Once a person starts taking some of these potent drugs, it is extremely difficult, and almost impossible to stop without being tapered down by a doctor. Often times, most addictions which begin with prescription painkillers, turn into addictions of other substances.

Faux Pharmacy“DEA is fighting the opioid crisis on multiple levels, using every resource available to identify reckless doctors and rogue businesses that fuel addiction in our neighborhoods and communities,” said DEA Acting Administrator Robert W. Patterson. “We will continue to identify and hold accountable the most significant drug threats, using every tool at our disposal – administrative, civil and criminal – to fight the diversion of controlled substances.”

To date, Operation Faux Pharmacy has seized close to 600,000 dosage units of scheduled drugs.

DEA special agents, diversion investigators, and intelligence analysts examined data that manufacturers and distributors report to DEA, Prescription Drug Monitoring Program information, and Health and Human Services data to determine those most likely to be operating as drug traffickers disguised as legitimate pharmacies.

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