NASCAR Changes Drug Testing Provider

nascarAfter over 7 years, NASCAR has decided to change the company that handles its’ drug testing. And apparently, some drivers aren’t happy with the change, ESPN reports.

Brad Keselowski told the media “I got drug tested the first week and they asked for about twice the sample size, and I just can’t pee that much.That’s about the only difference. They actually want a whole damn Fiji bottle worth.”

Another driver confirmed that was true for him as well, although a NASCAR spokesman said the specimen volume may vary depending on the type of test being administered, so it might not be about switching laboratories.

Jamie McMurray was a little surprised by how different it felt. Just because he was used to the old company, Aegis.

“It’s a little bit intimidating when you go in to do the drug test only because you go in there and you see him seal it and then you walk away and there’s a lot of trust in these people. I had grown fairly comfortable with Aegis because it was somewhat the same people week-in and week-out so over two or three years, you get comfortable seeing them and there’s a trust factor. It will be a little bit unique going back in for the first time and not knowing anybody.”


NASCAR began drug testing drivers and team members regularly in 2009. Before this, they only tested for reasonable suspicion. The change came after Jeremy Mayfield challenged the results and procedures of his 2009 drug test that came up positive for methamphetamines, while he said it was a false positive. He eventually won a temporary injunction against NASCAR but his suspension was soon reinstated.

Since their drug-testing plan went into effect in 2009, at least 30 crewmen from all series have been removed from their positions. Two other drivers, both in the truck series, have been found in violation of the policy.

What do they test for?

There are more than 100 drugs that violate NASCAR rules, and NASCAR also emphasizes that its list is not all-inclusive.

“Any substance or combination of substances used in an unsafe manner is a violation,” the rulebook states. “For example, a combination of drinking 10 cups of espresso, taking cold medicine and using prescribed sleep medication will cause a safety risk, although each substance in small amounts by themselves may not necessarily result in a violation.”

The testing itself used to be administered by Aegis Sciences Corporation and was usually done at the track. A driver must take the test within 1 hour of being notified of selection. The testing professional can decide whether the driver must be watched during the test or not and after the temperature of the sample is taken, the sample is split into an A and B sample.

The Future

As the season progresses we will see how this new testing administrator will continue to affect drivers and team members.

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