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Man Forced to Take Random Drug Test for Prescription He Already Has

In Omaha, Nebraska a man who wanted to remain unidentified was forced to take a random drug test by his doctor for his prescription for Adderall. The kicker? He’s had the prescription for over 12 years.

Why Now?

“There was no warning, e-mail, call, nothing,” said the patient, who said he was caught off guard at a recent doctor’s visit when the doctor told him he had to take a urine drug test to screen for illegal drugs. He’d been a patient of this particular doctor for about a year and had never even discussed drug testing.

The doctor at Methodist Health System told the patient the random test was a part of a new law that had just been passed in Nebraska and was not the doctor’s choice. And if the patient refused to take the drug test, it would be ruled the same as a positive drug test and he would not be allowed his prescription he has had since he was 12 years old.

Why it’s a Problem

Upon research, it was found that there were no new laws passed regarding drug testing patients with prescriptions. Nebraska’s new prescription drug monitoring program doesn’t address this issue. And while the medical center the doctor worked at refused to comment, a spokesperson told the news in an email that “There may have been a miscommunication regarding the doctor’s request for a urine drug screen.”

The doctor told the patient he was mainly looking for marijuana, which is still illegal in Nebraska. Dr. Kim Haynes-Henson a pain medicine doctor at Nebraska Medicine told us that “Marijuana is a difficult subject right now. It can mix poorly with other drugs”. She also tells us, she routinely drug tests her patients and mentions it upon their first visit with her.

“The issue for me was a lack of transparency as far as what the policy was at Methodist Health System,” said the patient.

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