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How Hurricanes Affect Drug Testing

hurricane news


After the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey, the U.S. didn’t know how much else it could take but as Hurricane Irma works its’ way toward the Florida coast, we at American Drug Testing want to keep you informed on how the incoming weather could affect the drug testing services in your area.


Missing Work

If you live in an area where Hurricanes or very bad inclement weather could affect your home or workplace, it is always best to be prepared ahead of time. When states are declared “States of Emergency” and are forced to evacuate then there would be a delay in your company work schedule that would require time off work for all of your employees for days or even weeks should something happen to your office/ workplace site. Should this happen you need to have a plan in place for contacting your employees and addressing everyone’s concerns.  You can find more information here.


Sometimes when it comes to frightening weather, people can not react in the most appropriate ways. It is important to gather with loved ones and stay safe, but often times these gatherings turn into “hurricane parties” where drinking can get out of control. If an employee engages in binge drinking over a hurricane watch and is pulled for a random alcohol test the following day returning to work, the implications necessary would need to be outlined in your Drug-Free Workplace Policy. It is imperative to update your policy before incoming severe weather so all of your employees are on the same page about what is expected in the workplace.

Location Hours

If your workplace is closed, then testing centers may be closed. Please refer any questions about testing in your area or scheduling a test with our National Scheduling Office at 800-488-5350. Scheduling Specialists will be able to find the locations nearest you and their hours of operation should they be affected.

Results Delay

Severe weather can lead to a delay in results should laboratories have to close. Please be advised when reaching out to our results department as to why you have not received a result yet for a test, this could be the reason.


We hope you are all safe and consistently thinking about the well-being and safety of your employees. From all of us at American Drug Testing, we hope you all protected during this Hurricane Season.

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